A traditional fan favotire we have a portion of our showroom dedicated to lamiates , with tons of options from classic options to a more contemporary looks.


Hard Surfaces


Luxury Vinyl

Come in and let our Staff help you make the best selection for your needs today

we have a wide varity of hard wood to choice from and a knowledgble staff to educate customers on the best option for their sitution.

Sheet Vinyl

The classic option, we carry a wide selection to met all the different design taste

This isn't your grandmother's Vinyl

from water resistance to completely water proof this is a great option for someone looking for a free floating floor that resembles wood , coming in different sizes of planks from 6 inches wide by 36 inches long to 9 inches wide to 72 inches long and a variety of colors and even a stone looking luxury vinyl tiles.

With commercial rating this flooring can handle almost anything you can throw at it.  With its free floating installation, the floor is very forgiving and also lightweight .

But don't worry, if your in the market for the transitional vinyl we have some in stock and a wide variety to order from.